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We aim to be as clear about our fees as possible

  • Logo or graphics design competition - £150 + VAT.  We run a competition that generally generates 100+ designs to choose from, manage the competition and request any requested changes.

  • Website design from template - £300 + VAT for standard 3-page website or one-pager style website.  £65 for every page after this.  Initial choice of design from 2 - 3 layouts

  • Wix costs - Hosting fees from Wix are additional.  Unlimited subscription from £9 + VAT per month.  Ask for other options.

  • Graphic design - Priced per job

  • CAD design - Priced per job

  • Site Take Offs - Priced per job

  • Data Mining - Priced per job

  • Additional works - please enquire for any other services


Here at Coggo we believe in designing simple, great looking, websites that can easily be maintained in-house without the need for coding design and without locking you into long painful contracts with little support. 

If you are however looking for us to maintain your site, we do offer a support package options.  All prices are paid a month in advance, and can be cancelled at any time.

Hourly rate - We charge £45 per hour for any maintenance and changes

Monthly Maintainer - A direct debit of £60 a month which gives up to 2-hours worth of changes and updates a month including SEO.

Monthly ImproverA direct debit of £90 a month for up to 3 hours of worth of changes and updates, including SEO, with a focus on expanding the site.

Terms & Conditions - All design work is subject to our Terms and Conditions. 

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